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Listener Magazine

“It’s tough to shift the Tori Amos comparisons for Portland-raised, now Wellington based Nicole Andrews - all rolling piano and rich, epically angst-ridden vocals. The powerful string-backed Pixelated Roses, with its anger, ashes and warning to “run and hide,” is a highlight, but for those who like their femininity fierce and fearless the pace doesn’t drop until Andrews calls Time at the end.”

NZ Musician Magazine

“Nicole is not only a gifted songwriter with a most pleasant singing voice, but to be so instantly comparable so early to two important and iconic female performers [Tori Amos and Kate Bush] speaks for itself. Hopefully not one to fall under the radar. This lady is a bit special.”  

- Ania Glowacz

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“I don’t think any words I say will be able to convey how much this song got to me. You all just have to listen to it… Now please! [...] This is a stunning debut album. She has set the bar high for future projects, but you know what, I know she is going to keep creating superb works of art.”

- Ria Lovede

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“Sometimes an album arrives that just seems to have everything going for it: Great song-writing, amazing vocals, fantastic production. [...] You can really hear the length of time spent honing the lyrics & arrangements until the beautifully rich piano driven songs really shine.” - Mark Le sueur

“Nicole Andrews is my latest discovery. I happened across her at the Wellington Public Library and instantly fell in love with her sound – across between Tori Amos and Kate Bush. Her lyrics are thoughtful and ironic and challenging. Her music is unique but familiar. This song [Just Another Female Vocalist], in particular sums up many struggling artists looking for that big break. And, yes, I think she does deserve some worthy recognition.”

- Tim Gruar